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Detection and locating, measuring equipment
Water leak detectors, cable and pipe locators

‘TECHNO-AC‘ group of companies was established in Kolomna, Russia, in 1992. Its founder – Mr. Sergei Sergeyevich Sergeyev is famous inventor who created first Russian portable pyrometer. Today ‘TECHNO-AC’ is a group of companies providing full cycle of product supply. We develop, produce and supply our equipment to all countries and throughout Russia. Our major clients are Energy Companies, Telecom companies, Oil & Gas companies, Water distributors and Civil Service companies. We produce cable & pipe locators, water leak detectors and fault location equipment. Our basic goal is to prevent damage of any underground utility (cable, pipe, duct, etc.) during construction or excavation works. We provide modern location solutions, so our clients could keep track of what is going on below ground surface.

In 1996 ‘TECHNO-AC’ completes its first supply of pyrometers to the UK and Poland. This is believed to be the beginning of export activity. Same year ‘TECHNO-AC’ introduced its acoustic water leak detector. Development was also initiated and coordinated by Mr.Sergeyev. This equipment was considered one of the best available leak detectors at that time.

In 1998 ‘TECHNO-AC’ finished the development of its own underground cable & pipe locator. Its combination with acoustic leak detector was highly appreciated by civil services of Russia and in some countries abroad.

In 2014, newly-founded ‘TECHNOAC-SK’ company becomes a member of Russian ‘silicon valley’ – Skolkovo for introducing its modern cable & pipe locator with integrated GPS module.

We constantly upgrade our equipment and provide free training to our clients and partners. Our locators are at least twice powerful than products of other brands. It means that our equipment can trace longer cables and pipes. ‘TECHNO-AC‘ equipment is required in energy, water and oil & gas companies of Russian Federation and abroad. We participate in government procurement procedures as trusted supplier of NDT equipment.

We have big range of locators to cover most market needs. One of our unique products is plastic pipe locator TPT-522N. It allows to trace plastic pipes by creating acoustic signal with special impact device, which strikes the pipe surface without damaging it. Moreover, same set of equipment is used for acoustic water leak detection and metal pie & cable location. This technology allowed us to create multifunctional set of equipment, which can help to detect literally any underground utility.

Our most up-to-date models feature GPS\ GLONASS modules for precise location and secure storage of acquired coordinates. Our own developed software allows to use Google Maps for keeping track of located utilities and exporting the coordinates in order to use them in your company’s GIS software.

In the nearest future, we are planning to expand our market globally and implement most required features in our upcoming equipment. Our main goal is to solve our client’s problems and afterwards make people happy.