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Pipe transmitter set MAG-05.X.XX

Set of pipe transmitter MAG-05.X.XX is used for location and depth measurement of non-conducting pipelines and drain channels on the depth up to 5m. It is used with the receivers supporting 512Hz frequency and “Sonde” mode.


Guide for Tracing of nonmetal pipelines

Portable pipe transmitter MAG-05 should be placed in the located utility with cable pulling system. The transmitter emits electromagnetic signals.

While moving the receiver perpendicular to the utility axis, the receiver sensor acquires the signal with two distinct local minimum values, general maximal signal and two false peaks. If the receiver is placed across the utility axis local minimum values and false peaks are missing.

Transmitter MAG-05.2.XX

Transmitter MAG-05.2.XX

To pinpoint the pipe transmitter an operator should locate two local minimal signals and one general maximum signal.

The position of the pipe transmitter will be in the spot with maximum signal. The true depth of the pipe transmitter (i.e. the utility) can be measured only when the receiver is placed correctly above the pipe transmitter. And the transmitter is positioned horizontally in the pipe.

Brief description

If there is an access to the pipe from two sides, the set of pipe transmitter MAG-05.2.XX allows to ensure safe removal of the pipe transmitter by using additional wire rope.

In this case an operator should do the following:

  • Mount the Plug on the end of pulling system instead of pipe transmitter;
  • Push the Plug with pulling system to the other end of the pipe or to the nearest spot of access to the pipe;
  • Replace the Plug with the pipe transmitter with installed accumulator and Cap;
  • Connect the cap to wire rope with the clasp;
  • Trace the utility by moving the pipe transmitter with pulling system and wire rope.

Transmitter MAG-05.2.XX

If pipe transmitter is stuck in the utility or the pulling system rod is broken, the pipe transmitter can be extracted from the utility by pulling the wire cable.


MAG-05.Х.ХХ Specifications

Parameter Value
Transmitter frequency 512Hz
Diameter of pipe transmitter 40 mm
Weight of pipe transmitter 318g +-20g
Pipe transmitter operation time up to 5 hours
Pushing rod of Cable pulling system diameter 6 mm
Additional wire cable diameter 2 mm

Standard set

The set of pipe transmitter MAG-05.1.ХХ contains

  • Cable Pulling System
  • Portable pipe transmitter MAG-05
  • Accumulator
  • Charger
Set index Length of pulling cable (m)
MAG-05.1.20 20
MAG-05.1.40 40
MAG-05.1.80 80
MAG-05.1.100 100

Pipe transmitter set MAG-05.2.XX

  • Cable Pulling System
  • Portable pipe transmitter MAG-05
  • Accumulator
  • Charger
  • Additonal LUX wire rope
    Additonal LUX wire rope
  • Plug
  • Cap
  • Clasp
Set index Length of pulling cable (m) Length of additional wire rope (m)
MAG-05.2.20 20 30
MAG -05.2.40 40 50
MAG -05.2.80 80 90
MAG -05.2.100 100 110


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