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Detection and locating, measuring equipment
Water leak detectors, cable and pipe locators

For 30 years we have been manufacturing the equipment for cable & pipe location. Most of the demanded utilities to locate have become PVC pipes.

We have made several training videos in order to demonstrate TECHNO-AC equipment application in plastic pipe location.

Our company has two approaches to PVC pipe location


This location is based on acoustic location principle. Special mechanism which is called Impact Device is striking pipe surface without damaging it. Sound of the strike is coming over pipe surface and it can be heard from the ground surface. By using Acoustic sensor of Metal and non-metal pipeline locator with water leak detection function Success TPT-522N an operator can trace the direction of the pipe. To do that the operator has to follow acoustic signal level – maximal signal will help to understand the positioning of the pipe.

More detailed information can be obtained in our video:


Another method for PVC pipe location is based on electromagnetic conductivity. TECHNO-AC has developed PVC pipe locator Success 309MAG based on most powerful utility location receiver - AP-019.3 and PVC pipe location accessory set Pipe transmitter set MAG-05.

By placing the sensor inside the pipe, an operator can create electromagnetic field which can be detected with the receiver from ground surface. This method is more preferable over acoustic method because it allows to measure the depth of located pipe. However, it still requires the access to the pipe.

More details are given in this video:

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