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Detection and locating, measuring equipment
Water leak detectors, cable and pipe locators

Water leak detector Success AT-407N

Advanced acoustic water leak detector for metal and non-metal underground pipelines laying under paved and unpaved surfaces. High-sensitive ground microphone ensures detection of leakage noise at depth up to 3 meters in pipes with pressure starting from 2 bar.


  • AT-407N saves your money for digging and prevents waste of water. (up to 2000 US dollars per month can be saved).
  • AT-407N saves your time. Remote survey of the pipes, pressure measurement and flow meter installation or false digging may take a lot of time. Pin-pointing of leakage with acoustic sensor can save up to 5 hours per day.
  • Effective leak detection in underground and wall pipes.



  • Leakage noise level measurement.
  • Inspection of any pipes (metal, PVC etc.).
  • Easy to understand indication.
  • Filtering of the noise for easy location.

Brief description:

  • Advanced digital noise filtering for effective water noise detection.
  • Visual indication of detected signal level for better location.
  • IP54 protection of equipment for most severe operation conditions.
  • Power Bank support for extended operation time.
  • AA accumulators and batteries support.
  • Light weight.
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year.


  • Water leak detection from plastic or metal underground pipelines up to 3 m depth with pressure starting from 2 bar.
  • Water leak detection inside the house in wall pipes.

Acoustic sensor AD-227 allows to find the leak:

  • Under paved and unpaved surfaces.
  • By direct contact to the pipeline.
  • By placing the sensor against the wall.


Receiver AP-027 Technical specifications

Leak detection
Type of accepted signal Continious signal
Frequencies of the receiver’s filter Range limitation "below" 0,1 / 0,15 / 0,21 / 0,31 / 0,45 / 0,65 / 0,95 / 1,38 kHz Range limitation "above" 2,00 / 1,38 / 0,95 / 0,65 / 0,45 / 0,31 / 0,21 / 0,15 kHz
«Broadband», (operating mode) 0,09 to 2,20 kHz
Gain factor 120 dB
Visual indication
  • Liquid-crystal display-symbols and meaning of the chosen modes and parameters.
  • animated (moving) scale of the output signal level
  • digital value and animated (moving) scale of the output signal level
  • graphic (moving diagram) of the output signal level - frequency content of the output signal level
  • digital and graphic display of output signal levels kept in the "memory"
Sound indication Headphones natural broadband or filtered signal
Supply Voltage 4 to 7 V. - alkaline batteries АА type 1,5 V (4 pcs.).
Time of continuous operation not less than 20 hours
Ambient temperature -20°С to +50°С
Ingress protection rating IP54
Receiver AP-027 dimensions 220 × 102 × 42 (mm)
Weight of the electronic unit 0,46 kg

Standard set

Standard set:

  • Receiver AP-027
  • Acoustic sensor AD-227
  • Carrying rod for AD-227
  • Extension carrying rod for AD-227
  • Contact rods for AD-227
  • Magnet for AD-227
  • Holder for AP-027
  • Headphones
  • Screwdriver
  • Manual and passport
  • Set carrying bag


Compact acoustic sensor ADM-227

ADM is a mini sensor with magnetic base and extension rod, which is used for pipe diagnostics in hard-to-reach places and survey of valves.

AA accumulators with charger

Set of type AA rechargeable accumulators and chargers for AP-027 and AP-014.




AP-027 receiver

Demonstration & review of digital location receiver AP-027.

AP-027. Multifunctional search receiver

Accessories available for digital location receiver AP-027.

AP-027 buttons mapping

This video shows hows the controls of AP-027.

How to locate a leakage with acoustic water leak detector

This is a brief demonstration of our most demanded water leak detector AT-407N.

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