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Detection and locating, measuring equipment
Water leak detectors, cable and pipe locators

Water leak detector and pipe locator Success ATG-435.15N

Advanced acoustic leak detector, combined with powerful pipe locator set, perfect for plumbers and service companies.


  • Metal pipeline location underground up to 6 m
  • Acoustic water leak detection from metal and non-metal pipelines underground up to 3 m depth
  • AG-105 20W transmitter
  • Built-in inductive antenna


Brief description:

  • Receiver frequencies: 50 to 60Hz/100to 120Hz/512Hz 1024Hz/8192Hz/33kHz
  • Transmitter frequencies: Hz - 512 - «0.5» / 1024 - «1.0» / 8192 - «8.2» / 32768 - «33»
  • Transmitter 20W
  • Storage of 31 signal level with a graph displayed
  • Visual indication of the signal on the display: scale, graphic and spectrum
  • Graphic visualization (moving chart) of sequence of measurements, max and min signal levels
  • Sound indication
  • Choice of bandwidth
  • Two-segment indication of frequency spectrum (and “filtered”) signal
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable to wear for long terms
  • LCD display
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Water leak detection from metal or non-metal pipelines underground up to 3 m depth
  • Water leak detection inside the house
  • detection of any metal pipelines underground up to 6 m depth
  • Area survey before excavation ( BB mode)
  • Tracing of metal utilities at distance up to 3 km


Receiver AP-027 Technical specifications

Parameter Tracing Leak detection
Type of accepted signal Continious /pulse Continious signal
Frequencies of the receiver’s filter Central frequency of quasi- resonant filter 50 to 60 Hz,100 to 450 Hz through 50 Hz, 120 to 540 Hz through 60 Hz, 512 Hz / 1024 Hz / 8192 Hz / 33kHz Range limitation "below" 0,1 / 0,15 / 0,21 / 0,31 / 0,45 / 0,65 / 0,95 / 1,38 kHz Range limitation "above" 2,00 / 1,38 / 0,95 / 0,65 / 0,45 / 0,31 / 0,21 / 0,15 kHz
«Broadband», (operating mode) 0,05 to 8,6 kHz 0,09 to 2,20 kHz
Gain factor 100 dB 120 dB
Visual indication
  • Liquid-crystal display-symbols and meaning of the chosen modes and parameters.
  • animated (moving) scale of the output signal level
  • digital value and animated (moving) scale of the output signal level
  • graphic (moving diagram) of the output signal level - frequency content of the output signal level
  • digital and graphic display of output signal levels kept in the "memory"
Sound indication Headphones natural broadband or filtered signal
Headphones-synthesized sound. Frequency modulation -
Built-in emitter - synthesized sound. Frequency modulation -
Supply Voltage 4…7 V. - alkaline batteries АА type 1,5 V (4 pcs.).
Time of continuous operation not less than 20 hours
Ambient temperature -20°С to +50°С
Ingress protection rating IP54
Receiver AP-027 dimensions 220 × 102 × 42 (mm)
Weight of the electronic unit 0,46 kg

Transmitter AG-105 Technical specifications

The frequencies of the continuous «Co» or pulse «Pu» signal, Hz ± 0,1% - «kHz»
Load «clips» or «clamp» 512 - «0.5» / 1024 - «1.0» / 8192 - «8.2» / 32768 - «33»
«Antenna» modes 8192 - «8.2» / 32768 - «33»
Operating modes
«Antenna» modes Internal transmitting inductor «In».
External induction transmitting antenna «An».
«Modulation» modes (special form signal) Pulse «Pu» (short-term transmissions of the sine signals). Transmission duration 0,12sec. Transmissions repetition frequency 1Hz.
Dual-frequency «2F» (simultaneous frequency generation 1024Hz, 8192Hz). Amplitudes ratio 4/1 (respectively).
Output parameters under power supply voltage 12…15V
Output current, А
Restricted by the program under manual increment, 5 – at frequency 512Hz «0.5» / 1024Hz «1.0» / 8192Hz «8.2» / «2F»
3 - at frequency 32768Hz «33»
Set by the program for automatic adjustment with the external load of «clips» or «clamp», ≥ 0,2 – at frequency 512Hz «0.5» / 1024Hz «1.0» / «2F»
0,1 – at frequency 8192Hz «8.2» / 32768Hz «33»
Maximum output voltage, V
Depending on «modulation», ≥ 32 – in the dual-frequency modulation mode «2F»
40 – in other modes
Maximum output power, W
Restricted by the program, ≥ 20 - In the continuous «Co» and pulse «Pu» modes at frequencies 512Hz «0.5» / 1024Hz «1.0» / 8192Hz «8.2» at load resistance up to 80Ω In dual-frequency mode «2F» at load resistance up to 50Ω.
6 - At frequency 32768Hz «33» at load resistance up to 260Ω.
Power supply sources
Operating range of the supply voltages Minimally acceptable voltage for oscillation start-up - 7V.
Maximum allowed voltage for operation – 15V.
Automatic shutdown voltage in the “oscillation” mode < 4,2V.
Battery set 8 «alkaline» cells 1,5V «type С» Recommended – «Duracell ® ULTRA».
External power supply sources (optional) Battery «12V» (e.g. automotive) Output voltage 11…14V, maximum current not less than 4А.
Mains power supply adapter АG114М.02.020 (extra accessory based on GS60A15-P1J «MEAN WELL») Output voltage 15V, power 60W.
Operating time («life cycle») While in operation of the battery set «type Сх8» is defined by the quality (capacity and «load capability») of the applied alkaline cells and can be equal to from 4 to 6 hours in the «Co» и «2F» modes or from 20 to 30 hours in the «Pu» mode at initial output voltage 7W in «continuous» modes «Co» / «2F» or at initial output voltage 15W in pulse modulation mode «Pu».
Under the external power supply is fully conditioned by this external energy source characteristics therefore under mains supply operating time is unlimited.
Operational characteristics
An automatic control over the output voltage during oscillation process Proportional control over the output power depending on the “energy potential” of the power supply source.
Automatic shutdowns of the device At power supply voltage in the “stop” mode < 6,5V.
At power supply voltage in the “oscillation” mode < 4,2V.
At power supply voltage > 15,5V.
In case of exceeding of the admissible absorbed current value (the exact figure depends on the actual mode).
In case of short circuit of the output during the adjustment process (actuation of the hardware safety system of the terminal amplifier).
In case of non-compliance of the oscillation mode settings depending on whether the external antenna is installed in the output or not (the switch to the “stop” mode).
In case of “long” (≈ 100sec) downtime in the “stop” mode (if the buttons are not pushed).
Adjustment with load Automatic, up to the reaching of the specific consumption rate or attainment of the load current: - ≥ 0,2А at frequencies 512Hz «0.5» / 1024Hz «1.0» / «2F»; - ≥ 0,1А at frequencies 8192Hz «8.2» и 32768Hz «33».
Manual after the automatic adjustment.
Connection options to the utility under examination «Contact» connection with “earth return”.
«Non-contact» connection with application of the internal transmitting antenna «In».
«Non-contact» connection with the use of external induction transmitting antenna «An» (the emission intensity is higher and easier access to the utility in comparison with the internal transmitting antenna «In»).
«Non-contact» connection using the transmitting induction “clamp” (selection of the cable from the bunch is possible).
Structural parameters
Power output amplifier The technology — updated CLASS D Efficiency to 85%.
LED indicators Separate light-emitting diodes indicating parameters and modes.
Digital indicator displaying the modes and parameters values and also showing output parameters of the «MULTIMETER» measurements, e.g.: output voltage (V), load current (А), load power (W) and load resistance (Ω /kΩ).
Overall dimensions of the electronic unit (case), not more than, mm. 216х180х105mm
The weight of the electronic unit, not more than, kg 2
The admissible environment temperatures range when in operation - 30 to +60°С With “battery” power supply it is not recommended to use the device under sub-zero environmental temperatures.
Ingress protection rating IP65 (when the enclosure-case is shut).

Standard set

Standard set:

  • Receiver AP-027
  • Acoustic sensor AD-227
  • Carrying rod for AD-227
  • Extension carrying rod for AD-227
  • Contact rods for AD-227
  • Magnet for AD-227
  • Electromagnetic sensor EMD-247
  • Holder for AP-027
  • Transmitter АG-105
  • Headphones
  • Screwdriver
  • Power connection cable AG120.02.080
  • External power supply cable AG120.02.070
  • Grounding rod
  • Contact magnetic
  • Manual and passport
  • Set carrying bag
  • EMD carrying bag


Compact acoustic sensor ADM-227

ADM is a mini sensor with magnetic base and extension rod, which is used for pipe diagnostics in hard-to-reach places and survey of valves.

Sensor DKI-117

DKI sensor is used with cable locating receiver for location of insulation damage in power cables, gas and heat pipes.

Sensor DODK-117

Searching of cable faults at shorting of its armoring to the ground. Searching of outer insulation defects of metal pipelines (water, gas) at trenchless laying.

Additional grounding accessory set

Extra grounding wire and rod for better quality of underground utility location.

AA accumulators with charger

Set of type AA rechargeable accumulators and chargers for AP-027 and AP-014.




AP-027 receiver

Demonstration & review of digital location receiver AP-027.

AP-027. Multifunctional search receiver

Accessories available for digital location receiver AP-027.

AP-027 buttons mapping

This video shows hows the controls of AP-027

Transmitter АG-105

Portable transmitter demonstration & review.

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